Install Debian 7 on ALIX APU1C

Did you also recently get your brand new ALIX APU1C board? It's around 170 EUR gross incl. casing, power and some ssd.
I got mine from Varia Shop using the bundled article with some nice casing, power supply and 16 GB mSATA card. Anyway, I was eager to install Debian Wheezy on this thing.
All you need is a DHCP-service and a tftp daemon. If your host is Debian too, this is the way to go:
aptitude install dnsmasq tftpd-hpa
A minimal setup would look like:

TFTP_OPTIONS="--secure -v"
I added the verbose option to see in syslog what files are requested.

Now fill up your tftp-root-directory. On wheezy (host) it is /srv/tftpd
Download all the files from e.g.:

Yes, your box is 64-Bit and has two cores.
My final tree there looked like:

Where the content of the default file looks like this:
DISPLAY boot.txt
DEFAULT stable
LABEL stable
kernel debian/stable/amd64/linux
append vga=off initrd=debian/stable/amd64/initrd.gz console=ttyS0,115200n8 fb=false

The important part is the bold append line where we activate serial console.

Now boot up your device and hit enter on the PXE prompt (maybe there's no output at all -at first- after getting an IP). Have fun.